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West Point Inn

Secluded among the trees on the upper south slope of Mt. Tamalpais is the historic West Point Inn. Built in 1904 as a stopover on the Mill Valley/Mt. Tamalpais Railway line, this rustic inn offers panoramic views of the East Bay, San Francisco, the Marin Headlands, and one tower of the Golden Gate Bridge.

The only electricity in the West Point Inn is to run the refrigerator and lights in the main building. Power is generated from solar panels, and is fed to a battery room where it is monitored closely to ensure continuous power is maintained.

Using Global Energy Innovations’ EC2000™ allows the maintence group to understand how to better service the batteries to maximize their lifespan. Each battery string costs several thousands of dollars to replace, so extending their longevity is critical.


West Point Inn Overview

The West Point Inn uses Global Energy Innovations’ EC2000™ and CELScan™ to monitor the health of their vital battery systems.