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Volcano Communications Group

Volcano Communications is a medium sized telecomunicatons company that serves the up-country areas of Amador County, Kirkwood, and many towns on the northern boundries of Calaveras County in the Sierra Nevada mountains. Volcano Communications is dedicated to providing high quality phone, television, and internet services that rival those of metropolitian areas.

Located in the Sierra Nevada mountains, Volcano is often subject to power outages. Having a reliable battery backup system is key to ensuring their customers enjoy uninterrupted service. Volcano uses Global Energy Innovations’ EC2000 to monitor and maintain a healthy backup system. Temporary power is fed to Volcano’s central station during harsh conditions that threaten local power supply. These battery backup systems bridge the power load between when power goes down and large diesel generators take over. Using the EC2000 helps Volcano avoid costly downtime by ensuring their backup systems are in top condition and ready to go.


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Volcano Communications Overview

Volcano Communications uses Global Energy Innovation’ EC2000™ to monitor and maintain the health of it’s battery backup system to ensure their customers enjoy uninterrupted service.