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Triara Data Center, Mexico – The Largest in Latin America

Triara Data Center is the data center network of the telecom company Telmex – Teléfonos de México (NYSE: TMX) with facilities in the cities of Queretaro and Monterrey in Mexico, Bogota in Colombia, and Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. Triara is the business unit responsible for web hosting services, strategic data storage, and storage of applications and services online on a Cloud platform for the public and private sector in Mexico and Latin America, providing the highest quality and security standards in the data center environment.

In 2012 Triara received the approval and Level 5 HSHA-WCQA (High Security High Availability – World Class Quality Assurance) certification from the data center certifying entity ICREA (International Computer Room Experts Association) for their high-tech facilities in Queretaro, Mexico, and implementation of best practices and compliance with standards according to the ICREA Standards.

The Triara data center in Queretaro is a vanguard bunker which costed $160 million US dollars, with 90,416 square feet, and 37.5 megawatts to support Telmex’ 83,885 miles of fiber optic network. The site also features redundancies in the UPS and battery banks, in order to ensure all of the company’s services and mission critical operations in the event of unforeseen outages or natural disasters, is adequately protected.


current generators in the Triara bunker

Current generators of more than 1.6 MW in the Triara
bunker guarantee the proper functioning of services.


Triara has an inventory of more than 3,000 lead-acid batteries that are managed and maintained using IBMS™ (Intelligent Battery Management System) Software developed by Global Energy Innovations. Preventive maintenance of all their battery banks is carried out using Global Energy Innovations’ EC2000™ handheld ElectroChemical Battery Analyzers. Unlike other battery testers on the market, the EC2000 Analyzer has the ability to measure the ElectroChemical properties of stationary lead acid batteries (the leading indicators of battery failure), namely the capacity loss due to sulfation and dryout as established in ICREA Standard 420.12.3.3.

For more information about ICREA – International Computer Room Experts Association, please visit For more information about Global Energy Innovations’ products – IBMS™ (Intelligent Battery Management System) Software and the EC-Series Analyzers (EC2000™ Electrochemical Handheld Battery Analyzers) and CM-Series Continuous Monitoring Systems, please visit or


Triara Data Centers Overview

Triara Data Center is the data center network of the telecom company Telmex. Find out how they are using Global Energy Innovations’ products to maintain their inventory of more than 3,000 lead-acid batteries.