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  EC-Series™ Analyzer and IBMS™ Training Overview

This video is an overview of the only Battery Analyzer you’ll ever need to test the health of your batteries – the EC-Series™ Analyzer and its companion software, IBMS™.

EC-Series™ Analyzer Competitor Comparison

The EC-Series™ Analyzer is the most accurate handheld battery analyzer on the market. This video compares the EC-Series™ Analyzer with some of its competitors.


Main Category
Video Topic
Test Parameters Importance of the test parameters – Impedance, voltage, CELScan / relative degradation

IBMS™ (Intelligent Battery Management System™) Software

Main Category
Video Topic
Configuration IBMS™ general configuration
Activate and manage security
Manage Servers How to manage your server
Troubleshooting IBMS™ server
Backup/Restore How to perform IBMS™ database Backup / Restore
Inventory Management How to set up a string
How to rename an existing string
Battery Replacement Utility
Copy string function
Configuration Templates Setting up various templates
Test Results How to review test results
Baseline adjustment – Basic View
Baseline adjustment – Advanced View
Data Export PDF Reports
XML Import / Export
Communication with EC-Series Analyzer Connection of the Analyzer to IBMS
Transfer to Analyzer and transfer to IBMS
Firmware upgrades
Global Energy Innovations Activation Server
Transfer conflict
IBMS Installation IBMS™ installation and updating

EC-Series™ Analyzer

Main Category
Video Topic
Getting Started The EC-Series™ Analyzer and accessories
Analyzer startup and basics
The main menu
Quick Test Quick test
String Testing String testing
Bypass function
Strap nomenclature
Test Configuration Test configuration – a brief overview
Configuring a quick test
Configuring a string
Setting Company/Region
Battery templates
Alarm setting templates
Test setting templates
Test Results Test results
Utilities Utilities – a brief overview
System settings
Tools – utilities
Tools – advanced features
Connect to PC Connect to PC
Maintenance & Calibration All you need to know about maintenance, service and calibration of the EC-Series™ Analyzer.

Dynapulse® Systems (Coming soon)

Main Category
Video Topic
Getting Started
Unpacking and setting up the Dynapulse®
Dynapulse® basics – Settings and configurations
Basic Dynapulse® use