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SMUD – Sacramento Municipal Utility District

The Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) supplies electricity to hundreds of thousand s of residents in the Sacramento County, and a portion in the adjacent Placer County. It is one of the ten largest publicly owned utilites in the United States, generating the bulk of its power through natural gas (estimated 56% of production total in 2009) and large hydroelectric generation plants (22% in 2009), and SMUD’s green power (renewable) energy output was estimated as 19% in 2009.

SMUD has been using Global Energy Innovations’ EC2000™ Electrochemical Battery Analyzer to monitor the health of battery strings at receiving, distribution and other stations. They chart hundreds of these battery backup systems using IBMS™ (Intelligent Battery Management System), the Dynapulse®, and the EC2000™. It has dramatically increased reliability and reduced costly downtime and battery replacement.


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Sacramento Municipal Utility District Overview

SMUD uses Global Energy Innovations’ battery monitoring and restoration products to maintain battery health and reduce costly downtime.