EC-Series Handheld

The EC1000™ and EC2000™ are the only handheld, Multi-Frequency, ElectroChemical Battery Analyzers on the market using CELScan™ technology. This means they can report both the Electrical (Impedance & Voltage) and Chemical (Sulfation and Dryout) properties of lead acid batteries (VLA, VRLA, GEL). Other battery types (NiCd, NiMH, Lithium-Ion and others) may also be tested using the EC1000™ and EC2000™. The EC1000™ and EC2000™ directly measure capacity loss due to Sulfation and Dryout in lead acid batteries – two common points of battery failure that are leading indicators of battery health. This analytical capability has previously only been possible with the use of expensive benchtop test equipment used by battery experts. Today, the EC1000™ and EC2000™ put this advanced diagnostic capability into any battery tester’s hands.

The EC1000™ and EC2000™ use CELScan™ (Chemical Electrical Layer Scan) technology offered exclusively by Global Energy Innovations. CELScan™ technology allows for the rapid, multi-frequency scanning of batteries. CELScan™ technology and the Global Energy Innovations’ ElectroChemical Battery Analyzers were developed as a response to the need of the industry for a non-invasive, non-destructive testing method for lead acid batteries, capable of providing accurate and effective maintenance information that will ensure that backup power systems deliver power when needed.

The Global Energy Innovations ElectroChemical design and development team has been delivering CELScan™-based algorithms and hardware to the marketplace for battery diagnostics for the past 10 years. These include high-throughput, rapid screening (quality control) hardware and software tools for cell and battery screening (Lead-Acid, Lithium-ion, NiCd, and others).

The EC1000™ and EC2000™ support the entire Battery Life Cycle, cuts battery maintenance costs, extends the useful battery life and increases the reliability of your batteries. The ElectroChemical Battery Analyzers by Global Energy Innovations run like a battery tester and delivers like a load tester.

EC1000™ & EC2000™ Product Feature List