EC-Series Advantages

Reduction in the Cost and Risk of Battery Ownership

If you know what is causing your batteries to degrade (e.g. heavy sulfation, electrolyte dryout, grid corrosion, etc.), you can rapidly take corrective, preventative maintenance actions which result in extending the usable life of the battery string. Additionally, this advanced knowledge of the battery string health allows the you to reduce or eliminate discharge (load) testing.

Advanced Health Algorithms (CELScan™ – Chemical Electrical Layer Scan)

The EC1000™ and EC2000™ are the only handheld battery analyzer on the market that reports the amount of capacity loss due to Sulfation and Dryout. CELScan™ algorithms, using pattern recognition and classification, make this advanced feature possible. Global Energy Innovations is currently developing and testing new, advanced CELScan™ algorithms for other degradation modes and will be releasing these as feature (software) upgrades to the EC1000™ and EC2000™ in the future. When you own an EC1000™ or EC2000™ , you can upgrade your device with future feature releases.

Rapid Testing

Test results of the complete battery analysis from the EC1000™ and EC2000™ (Voltage, Impedance, Sulfation & Dryout) are delivered in seconds. Even in noisy sites with noise rejection enabled, the EC1000™ and > EC2000™ rapidly scan the battery to deliver accurate and repeatable results.

The EC1000™ and EC2000™ significantly reduces the on-site maintenance and testing times required to maintain healthy backup power systems by reducing and even eliminating the amount of time spent on expensive and damaging discharge (load) testing.

High-Noise Rejection

CELScan™ algorithms running on the EC1000™ and EC2000™ have been designed specifically to utilize both the onboard computer and signal processing hardware as well as software (signal processing and filtering) to effectively reject noise during testing. This allows the handheld devices to acquire accurate and repeatable results on batteries in noisy systems while they remain online.

Unlike many other test instruments on the market, the EC1000™ and EC2000™ do not resort to higher excitation currents or other such brute force methods for dealing with noisy environments.

Non-Intrusive and Non-Damaging

The testing and analysis performed by the EC1000™ and EC2000™ eliminate the need for hazardous electrolyte specific gravity testing, load testing and other intrusive and life-limiting tests. Additionally, the user can accurately and non-intrusively analyze the separator electrolyte (water loss) in VRLA batteries, a capability unique in the market.

The multi-frequency excitation signals, used by CELScan™ to excite the battery during testing, have no effect on the battery state of charge, regardless of the battery capacity or state of health. Consequently, battery life expectancy is not decreased by CELScan™ testing.


The EC1000™ and EC2000™ were designed with an internal single-board-computer running Linux, which makes firmware and software upgrades effortless. By simply connecting the devices to the IBMS™ (Intelligent Battery Management System™) software, upgrades are a button-click away. Adding features (Oscilloscope, Advanced Voltmeter, Current Clamp and New Advanced CELScan™ Algorithms) is just as easy.

Effortless Inventory Management & Improved Purchasing

Each EC1000™ and EC2000™ can store tens of thousands of test results as well as site configurations. Onboard memory can be easily expanded by increasing the size of your onboard SD Card (1GB, 2GB, 16 GB …).

IBMS™ (Intelligent Battery Management System™) software allows centralized test data and battery data storage which saves both time and money when it comes to analyzing battery inventories and monitoring costs. IBMS™ offers both a local database and enterprise (server) based installation option.

The EC1000™ and EC2000™ can be used for the routine screening of incoming battery purchases (Utility, Telecommunication, UPS, Automotive and Solar) prior to commissioning, further improving the average life expectancy of your total battery inventory. This knowledge puts you in the driver’s seat with your battery suppliers if for any reason you receive faulty supply.