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CFE – Comisión Federal de Electricidad

The Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) is a company created and owned by the Mexican government. It generates, distributes and markets electric power for almost 35.3 million customers. This figure represents almost 100 million people. The CFE incorporates more than a million new customers every year.

The infrastructure to generate electric power is made up of 209 generating plants, having an installed capacity of 52,515 megawatts (MW). 22.67% of its installed capacity stems from 22 plants which were built using private capital by Productores Independientes de Energía (PIE).

CFE uses the Global Energy Innovations EC2000™ Electrochemical Battery Analyzer in Mexico for monitoring the health of batteries at their distribution and receiving stations. This has improved the reliability of batteries thought the CFE organization so that when batteries need to be used at the sites they provide the power required.


• CFE Home Page


CFE Video Overview

This video gives a very brief overview of CFE’s use of the Global Energy Innovations’s EC2000™ Handheld Electrochemical Battery Analyzer for testing their mission-critical transmission and distribution site batteries.