The EC1000™ and EC2000™ Analyzers and the Dynapulse® Systems are supplied as a kit with standard accessories. All Kit Accessories and Optional Accessories can be found at our Online Store.

We also supply Replacement Parts, Optional Software/Firmware Modules (which increase the EC1000’s™ and EC2000’s™ functionality and utility) as well as Extended Warranties, Calibration Certificates and other materials for the Global Energy Innovations products. For a detailed list of all available items, please visit our Online Store.

Please visit your local Distributor or Representative, our Online Store or contact our Sales Group to review a complete list and order these Accessories, Parts and other materials.

We supply a host of Fluke® accessories with the EC1000™ and EC2000™. If you find an accessory that you would like to use with the EC1000™ or EC2000™ and cannot find it at our Online Store, please do not hesitate to contact your local Distributor or Representative or our Technical Support Group for compatibility and up-to-date accessory information.